To convert the rotary motion into linear (and vice versa), modern technology requires new types of screw pairs structures, providing the transmission of large loads, high accuracy and smooth movement, low friction losses. These qualities have a ball-screw drives, which, as in ball bearings, sliding friction is replaced by rolling friction by introducing a series of balls between the screw and nut with the appropriate profiles thread.

Ball-screws as compared to sliding gears have the following advantages:
⁃ high efficiency (over 80%) compared with conventional screw pairs (efficiency 15-20%);
⁃ low friction losses, whereby heat dissipation has an insignificant effect on the thermal deformation of the screw;
⁃ high hardness (HRC) of work surfaces threaded grooves and balls causes a high load capacity and longer service of ball-screw (5-10 times greater than the sliding pairs);
⁃ large axial stiffness allows you to save precision control during changing the axial loads;
⁃ ability to control the axial gap and create a preload in the threaded connection and smooth operation cause a particularly efficient use of ball-screws in the moving mechanisms of CNC equipment;
⁃ ball-screws require significantly less power of drive motors.

Due to these advantages, ball-screws are widely used in the drives of the executive bodies of machine tools and forging machines, metallurgy, automotive, aviation, instrumentation and measurement technology.

Kyiv Production Association "STANDARD" has the most modern equipment for the production of ball-screws, that allows us to produce a variety of constructive designs to according to the requirements of ISO standards. We are ready to consider in the short term to put the ball screws manufactured by you or in service to your production of domestic and imported equipment, in particular:
⁃ housing DNFH ball screw type with a gear differential gear preload adjustment;
⁃ open frame type ball screws SN, SNF, DN DNF and connecting dimensions according to international standard ISO 3408;
⁃ backlash-free transmission with a nut type SNFP;
⁃ with a semicircular or arched thread profile;
⁃ transmission with high load capacity with 4 or more turns of the workers in the nut.

Technical specifications of supplied ball-screws:
⁃ accuracy in accordance with ISO 3408: Accuracy classes IT1, IT3, IT5, IT7, IT10.
⁃ Nominal thread diameter from 16 to 80mm.
⁃ Pitch: 5 to 20mm.
⁃ Screw length: up to 4160mm.
⁃ Delivery Time: 2 to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the constructive design and quantity of the order.